Sensory Stimulation Set For Newborns

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Sensory Stimulation Set For Newborns

Hungry Brain

For: New Born to two months

A Newborn baby has a natural and insatiable curiosity to experience, know and know about the world around them. It depends on the sensory organs mainly hearing, smell, touch and sight and every exposure or experience leads to an overall development of the sensory organs, pathways and the brain.

About the set: Our Sensory Stimulation Set is so designed that a baby would use all its five senses for perceiving sensations, creating memories, and recollecting them. These memories would help them in developing associations with sensations, objects, and stimuli that would further enable them to think, analyze and respond appropriately.

This stimulation set helps parents provide sensory experiences and stimuli in a planned manner to the child. Such planned exposure of each sensory organ to stimuli helps in the accelerated development of the baby’s capability of complex learning in the future.

We recommend using this sensory stimulation set from birth till 60 days.

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