Sensory Mat To Provide Tactile Stimulation To Newborn Baby


For newborns, touch has been described as the most fundamental means of contact with the world, and the simplest and most straightforward of all sensory systems. Tactile stimulation is vital in several domains of the infant’s and child’s lives, including social, cognitive, and physical development.

Tactile sensory stimulation involves the sensation of touch and texture. Tactile stimulation includes the activation of nerve signals beneath the skin’s surface that inform the body of texture, temperature, and other touch-sensations.

Keeping the importance of tactile stimulation for our baby’s development in mind, Hungry Brain has designed a sensory mat that has 12 textures that have different touch sensations.

Textures are a combination of smooth, very smooth, rough, embossed, hard, and soft, which are placed in such a way that the baby gets a different feel all over the body while lying on it.

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Product Dimension: 18 X 24 inches

How to use:

Place the baby on the mat for 15 minutes only, 3 times a day, preferably while awake.

It’s advised that the baby is with bare minimum clothes while on the mat.

Allow the baby to explore the mat at its own ease.

Do not wash the mat, dry clean only. In case it is soiled, you can clean the dirty area with a damp cloth.

This mat is totally safe for babies. It is recommended to use it till the baby starts crawling at a speed.

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