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Flashcards are a simple way of learning. A baby’s being capable of knowing and recognizing the images on flashcards is a by-product of using them.

Benefits of world countries flags:

  • Complete Flags of the World tells you everything you need to know about flags.
  • Enjoy learning with 195 cards of world flags along with their capitals, currency, and the national language.
  • Versatile Fun: This is not just a flag flash card. But the teaching of different countries’ flags and a lot more. The cards are designed in such a way that they are playful, making learning easy and fun.
  • Attractive Design: These attractive and colourful cards are also suitable as birthday gifts, goodie bag fillers, party favours, and travel journeys.
  • Develop Skills: Your child will develop flag recognition, communication skills, general knowledge, early reading, and fine motor skills.

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Gabriel Philip (3 years old) answering the European Countries Flags flash cards

Gabriel Philip (3 years old) answering the Asian Countries Flags flash cards

Ishan Reddy (5 months old) is able to recognize Asian Countries Flags flash cards.

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