Enhancing the sense of smell


Age Group : Newborn to 1 Year old

Program Duration : 15 Weeks

The Purpose of Olfactory (Smell) Stimulation:-

Baby’s exposure to various fragrances is critical in developing a strong sense of differentiating various fragrances, which otherwise fades with time.

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Benefits of sense of smell:-

1. The sense of smell is more closely linked to memory than any of the other senses.

2. The sense of smell is linked to the parts of the brain that process emotions.

3. Your sense of smell can even affect the way you perceive time.

4. The smelling sense can also affect our sense of taste.


Guidance: Olfactory (Smell) Stimulation

Take the pouch labelled as “week 1 fragrances” and have the baby smell them three times a day for one week, as described below: –

Take one bottle, open the lid, and take it near your baby’s nose, while you speak the name of the fragrance (optional). Do not press the bottle. Close the lid immediately. Do the same with the other three fragrances. Next week, take the pouch labelled as week 2 and repeat the same procedure with 4 bottles. Follow the same procedure for 15 weeks, using all 15 pouches.

What to observe:-

1. The baby’s nostrils go up and down (expand and contract).

2. The baby will stop moving and will only focus on the smell.


If the baby has shown some allergic signs to any smell, then consult the doctor before using the set. All the smells used in the Hungry Brain program are baby-safe. If the baby gets allergic to any particular smell from this set, then kindly do not use that smell again. If the baby gets allergic, then kindly consult the pediatrician. Also, let us know about the same on 8879757536.

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