Bilingual Combo


Bilingual children are usually more adaptable to new environments, meeting new people, and stepping out of their comfort zone.

Research proves that Bilingual children:

  • Have better attention span
  • Are better at multi-tasking
  • Are usually more adaptable to new environments
  • Can learn additional languages more easily
  • Perform higher on creative thinking

This all is possible because children are used to switching from one language to another constantly.


Learning a second language comes naturally to children as they are learning with an unconscious state of mind. They are like little sponges taking in everything around them without realising. Children don’t take into account the meanings of the words they are saying. They don’t worry about making mistakes when they speak. Instead they simply put words together naturally without really thinking about it. As a result children are more likely to acquire a native accent starting early.

Bilinguals can make friends in more than one language meaning more opportunities to meet new people, and enjoy different hobbies and activities. Being able to communicate with people from other cultures is a huge social advantage and can open up so many more doors in life.

What better advantage, than being able to pass on your languages to your own children so they can reap the benefits of being bilingual too! Give your children the best start in life and raise them bilingual from birth. Your bilingual kids can then have bilingual kids of their own and languages can be passed on through generations.


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