Life skill Development Program

Level 3

Life skill Development Program

Hungry Brain

For: 12 months to 40 months old

The child goes through a marked transition phase from 12 months on. It starts to become mobile and tries to speak. The child is now in an experiential stage and becomes a doer, connecting and associating things in real life. The baby wants to get involved in many activities and is excited to explore and learn on its own. Hungry Brain Lifeskill development program HB Level 2 is meant for children of this age.

About the set: The life skill Development Program is a 12-month program for the age group of 1 to 3 years and is uniquely designed with content that encourages babies to build creativity and curiosity. It provides hands-on experiments and builds a skill that will help the child at every point of life.

The program gets the child involved in real play activities they develop important life skills like planning, decision making, problem-solving, confidence, balancing, creativity, and social skills as part of the game activity. This Life skill development program provides 1 set every month for 12 months with each set comprising 5 different product categories along with a video guide on creative usage for specific products.

We recommend using this sensory stimulation set from birth till 60 days.