Frequently asked questions

With stimulation, the baby adjusts to the world easily and understands it faster, with lesser difficulties. This is what a parent wishes – to make things easy and simple for baby.

You can start as early as the day your baby is born.
Hungry Brain supports the delicate baby’s under developed eyes and other senses to get adjusted in the world soon after birth.
The reason for baby to sleep a lot is that the loud colors of the surrounding environment are not friendly, and the baby is not comfortable seeing them and prefers to sleep. When the baby is exposed to the first card, and black & white charts, you will find that the baby prefers to see it for a longer time.
You can start using this program only if your baby is below 7 months. After that we do not recommend to start this program as the baby’s learning skill will gradually reduce and the baby will not be able to learn and grasp the learning concepts of this program.
Sensory Stimulation set focuses on stimulating the senses whereas Early Stimulation program covers the above mentioned areas. It is a treasure trove compared to the Sensory Stimulation Set.
The steps involved in this process are really simple. All you need to do is: Go to website menu and click “Our Products” Select the product Click Add to cart and fill in the details Then click “Continue shipping method” and Pay by your convenient Credit, Debit Cards, Net banking, Razorpay etc.